Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hi Everyone!
Here's an update as to where and how you can follow me. I keep reading about Google Friend Connect going away but will that even affect 'follow'? Doesn't really matter, because I giving you options, people. ;-) The first is not on my sidebar, there is no button. Here is the link:
Sign up for Google+ and add me to your circles and I'll add you to mine! As I said in this post, Some Blogging Rambles..., it's nice to have it all together. There is the 'Follow Me On Pinterest' bar, which is fun, but does not follow this blog. Check out my Boards on Pinterest, it's a great way to save ideas. I've also joined and have 'Linky Followers' on my sidebar, just click on 'follow me'. You can also click on the FeedBurner icon and follow via a reader. There is still the old 'Join this Site' by Google, and 'Follow by e-mail' box. There are other ways to follow, but these were the easiest to navigate and user friendly in my opinion.
Have a Great Day!

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