About Me

Name: Lori

Age: Yeah right!

Lives: Mid-Michigan
With: Husband, daughter, dog and cat

Works: Ingham Intermediate School District

University: Central Michigan University
Why:  I started blogging in order to display my card and scrap book projects. It became a place to keep up with all of the other new blogs. I just stumbled along trial & error style. With advice from other friendly bloggers we all managed and became friends. I'm still learning as I go, in order to keep my blog a happy, pretty, and smooth flowing place. It never gets boring, that's for sure. I'm trying to move my talents in other directions as far as Arts and Crafts go. I think I have a gazillion cards ready to give. How about all of the decorating, crafty and thrifty blogs and linky parties? I am having a blast and Pinning a lot of ideas. Okay, I really need to implement some of the tips to decorate and pins to craft.

Have a fun look around at, what I call, "my all over the map kind of blog"!!!

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