Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Counted Cross Stitch

Yes, friends, welcome to my blog! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything. This is a little cross stitch sampler I made 20 something years ago. I know, right?  Yes, I just wrote that. It's what happens when a lot of teenagers hang out at your house and when you work with high school and middle school kids all day. I wouldn't have it any other way though. **grins** 

Back to my sampler...It is stitched in linen, which means you skip a 'hole' and stitch into the next. Good thing I made it when I was 20 something, I need a magnifying glass and Ott-Lite now.  Speaking of which, I do have an Ott-Lite, True Color, full spectrum , floor lamp that I love. I just need the one with the pattern clip and magnifying glass now. I haven't cross stitched in forever!!! I do have a few needle point projects going now.

The paper-craft project that I just completed is not photographing well. I made a little book using a Cosmo Cricket packet of paper, called Earth Love. I'll tell all about it when I can get some good pics.

Thanks for visiting me and I do apologize for not commenting as much as I normally would. Just know that I have been looking and admiring everything. I have also been visiting the parties. Please let me know that you haven't forgotten about my little blog and leave me a little love!!


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