Friday, October 5, 2012

October Countdown to Halloween~Day5

I had fun taking these pictures. I took them in the dark, (not total), without a flash. It worked, my camera was set correctly!!!

Candle Flickering

I used one of the recycled jars, that I have been collecting. Glass jars are so useful and much better than plastic for food storage, but let's save that rant for another day. Anyway.....With a 1/2" paintbrush and watered down multipurpose glue I attached these vintage Halloween postcard images. The images are once again from, Magic Moonlight Free Images. I placed a wide ribbon on the inside of the jar at the top.

Candle Barely Flickering
This is the first time I have purchased and used battery operated candles. They are awww-some! They were $5.99 for a set of six L.E.D. Flickering tea lights at Hobby Lobby. I never knew how good they looked in real life until now, huh, discover something new everyday.

A Second Postcard
A Third Postcard

I enjoyed showing you shots of the different levels of flickering candle light. Maybe not a big deal to many of you, but I was pretty happy with my new discovery. *wink*
Have a great day, make something spooky! Tell me what you try!
I'll be sharing at these great parties:


Susan said...

I love all the great Halloween ideas. If only I decorated for Halloween! I am going to come hang at your house.

Payne Holler Cards said...

These are great! I don't decorate for Halloween either (no kids) but they would look great on my mantle (-:
Might try this for thanksgiving!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love this, totally!!! I have never tried those battery operated candles. I guess I should. Funny, I was looking at some today! Hope you are having a great weekend ;o)


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