Monday, July 16, 2012

7 Random Things...

I received this award from idla, at (I) (L)ove (D)oing (A)ll Things Crafty!, pretty clever, huh? Thank you idla! I don't do these often, so here is what I decided to do.... It is difficult for me to choose, therefore I'll offer it up for any of you, my crafty comrades. You are all fabulous, seriously, so take it and answer the questions on your blog.  Here are the rules, should you choose to participate:
1.  Thank the blogger who nominated me - done!

2.  Include a link to their site in the post - done!
3.  Include the above award image in this post - done!
4.  Give 7 random facts about myself - done!
5.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award 
6.  When nominating include a link to their site 
7.  Let other bloggers know they have been nominated  
 7 Random Facts:
1. I have been a Mary Kay Consultant for 13 years
2. I'm an Alpha Sigma Alpha
3. I raised the Grand Champion Market Hog my first year of competition, for 4-H
4. I used to race BMX 
5. I wore the same dress for Jr and Sr Prom
6. I hate to shop for clothes for myself
7. I'm an early riser


Payne Holler Cards said...

Love Mary Kay (-:
Fun reading more about ya!

Ilda Dias said...

Hey Lori! Congratulations! FYI you misspelt my name, I know it's a tricky one, no worries :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Congrats ;o) Yeh! I'm an early riser too ;o) Same dress for your Jr and Sr. You are good! Saved some money! LOL!


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