Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm almost done with my ATC Couples Series. This is "Grey Snow". The ribbon around the bottom is actually  a soft pink organza. It makes for a nice little 'pop', but I couldn't get a good shot for anything that day. I've been working for an upcoming tutorial. Look for it on the first Monday of August. Thanks for stopping by! I love to know what you think.

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The Other Patti Sue said...

This has been a wonderful series! Beautifully crafted!

Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes said...

This is my favorite card you've done. The B&W picture is stunning with the paper. Great job Lori!

Diann said...

This is simple beautiful!

Magic Love Crow said...

Very sensual! I like it!

Linda said...

Hi Lori, thank you reading about our sweet little girls on Shannon's blog. Schnauzers are a great breed....protective, loyal, plus no shedding. They are sweet dogs.
I love this card...beautiful, sexy and so special. Have a great day.


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