Saturday, March 10, 2012

My [Late] Top Five Friday #2

Really? How did I miss posting my second, (only the 2nd), Top Five Friday picks? Oh, yeah, I felt awful and haven't turned on my computer at home for two days. Anyway here there my top five Otter Pictures from my 'Beings That Breathe' board on Pinterest:


I just love otters, they are so sweet! Probably not 'in real life', but they sure look like they are in pictures. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and please leave me a comment, what do you think about otters?


Rose Ann said...

Adorable pictures!! Sometime we are able to catch the otters playing around... when we camp Ludington State Park. We LOVE that!!

Connie said...

What great photos! I really like the one of the Mama and baby!


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