Thursday, August 2, 2012

Primary Speller

This little book came from Jenni Bowlin Studios. There is so much vintage goodness in her shop! This was a kit with a few added JBS elements that I had on hand.
[inside cover/pg 2-vintage seed packet reproduction]

[pg 3-decorated back of seed packet with pull tag at top/pg4-decorated back of postcard]
[the pull tag from pg 3]

[pg 5-postcard front/pg 6]

[pg 6 & 7]
[pg 8/pg 9 is a vintage picture frame]
[pg10 & inside back cover]
This is a project that shows up in one of these annoying thumbnails that I ranted about HERE. I changed it up and re-blogged it, in case anyone wanted to actually see it. Plus I love this project and wanted to show it off!!!
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MiamiKel said...

Well hi there! I was so happy to see you on my blog roll again (I usually got thru blogger now and it doesn't show up, today I didn't and voila!) Glad to see you blogging again - and this is a gem to behold! Gorgeous work! x0x0

Magic Love Crow said...

This little book is stunning!!!


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