Friday, April 6, 2012

Top Five Friday

This weeks Top Five Friday are 5 new recipes, from my New Food New Drink board at Pinterest, that I'll be test driving next week.
Here they are:
Easy Cheese Bread from Thrifty Crafty Girl. Her blog gives step by step instructions, but she also pinned this from another blog. Does it really matter who pinned it first from whom? I don't think so. Some people get really uptight about this stuff though, which reminds me of a little story....

My mother used a recipe of a friend way back in the 70's. She made this cake for years, and at a potluck someone asked for the recipe, sure no problem, share the love, right? Well, this woman must have forgotten where she snagged this recipe from, because a few years later came another pot luck. Woman #2 asked woman #1 if she could have the recipe for this amazing cake. Woman #1, replied that "no, I couldn't, it's an old family secret". Now remember, my mother gave woman #1 the recipe in the first place. What do you think my mom did? Yep, later she told woman #2 that she would share it. How kind of mom not to say anything to embarrass woman #1. I may have, I can be mean like that. Anyway, mom and Dorthy, (the original recipe holder), had a good laugh over it. Who even knows where the original idea came from, Dorthy? Dorthy's mom? A stranger? Does it really matter? Nope, not a bit.
Okay, back to business. This is Cinnamon Butter, which is more that just cinnamon and butter mixed up. My daughter loves this from the Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Glad I never attempted to just mix it together before I found this recipe. It comes from Fly Through Our Window. When you click over to her site be sure to scroll down past the little cuties fingering painting. **Smiles**

Crock Pot Lasagna from Creating Through Life. Can you go wrong with crock pot meals? Well, yes, once we had one that was greasy gross. Couldn't eat it, but let's blame the chicken for that, really.
This is another one from Priscilla at Thrifty Crafty Girl, Strawberry Pretzel Salad. I do have another recipe for a strawberry pretzel salad on my board, and I also have to dig up my mom's similar recipe and maybe do a comparison. What do you think?
Last, but certainly not least is RED PEPPER AND MUSHROOM ALFREDO. 30 minute RED PEPPER AND MUSHROOM ALFREDO!!! Looks super easy and super yummy. Krista, at While He Was Napping, shared this one. I mentioned I would probably add chicken to mine, she said she often does too. You know how husbands are about meat.

Thanks for sticking around for my long post today, but I am so lax in blogging lately I had to 'catch up'.  Have a great weekend!


Payne Holler Cards said... it is after midnight and your post has me craving something...headed to kitchen LOL
Hmmmmm thanks a lot kid-oh (-:

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

How did these turn out for you?


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